Originally, the chords of this song formed a recurring theme interspersed throughout the album. It split the CD very neatly into 3 separate “chapters”. The only problem was that I didn’t want the album to be arranged that way. So I put the pieces back together and put some very deeply personal lyrics about finding your way in the world. Again, I must learn the lesson I intend to teach. Where do you fit in to the grand scheme of things? You won’t figure it out today; you figure it out every day...

Mantra (click for sample)

When you gonna let go of that pain in your past?
You’re the only one who know how long it’s gonna last
You wanna be free? Well here’s the hardest part
You wanna let that pain go you have to open up your heart
Let a little love in and it will set you free

You’ve been doubting yourself; is this who you wanna be?
You’re so beautiful babe, pity you just don’t see
You’ve been listening to those voices in your head
They’ve been lying and you bought into what they said
Say you’re not right, say you’re no good
Oh how they bring you down
Don’t let em bring you down

Take it easy on yourself
take it easy on yourself, take it easy on yourself
And you will find…

Every one of us has questioned; what do our lives really mean?
If everything’s movin’ in it’s own direction
Where do you fit into the universal scheme? (and I say)

You won’t figure it out today
You figure it out every day...

So while you’re takin’ your chances and hopin’ the answers will set you free
Know with every day’s closure you’re a little bit closer to where you need to be
There’s no pivotal moment you’re waiting for; You just open yourself up to so much more
And you’ll be perfectly fine if you just keep it in mind that you’re a child of the divine

You won’t figure it out today
You figure it out every day...

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